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For Parents: PICC Line Placement

About the PICC line placement at Children's Hospital Colorado:

Your doctor has requested that your child have a PICC line placed. PICC stands for Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter. This is done so your child can get medicine that will help take care of an infection or provide nutrition. You will be asked to bring your child to the hospital before the appointment so you have time to complete the following steps:

  1. Admissions check-in: Your first stop will be the admission's desk where your child will be given a patient I.D. bracelet. Staff will be checking this bracelet throughout the day to make sure your child is having the right procedure done.
  2. Radiology check-in: After checking in at the radiology admission's desk, a child life specialist will meet with you and your child (if they are 3 years and older). She will talk to you both about the PICC and take your child through the procedure step-by-step. This is a good time for you to ask any questions you may have.
  3. Radiologist technician: A radiology technician will put some special white cream on both of your child’s arms. This cream puts the nerves to sleep and protects your child from feeling the PICC. Your child will only get one PICC but we put cream on both arms in order to find the best place for the PICC to be placed. (If your child is getting bilateral PICCs done there will be a PICC in each arm.) After the cream has had time to work, a PICC nurse will talk to you about the procedure and ask you to sign a form saying it’s okay to place the PICC. Parents are not allowed in Interventional Radiology room because it is a sterile environment and everything must remain clean. The Children’s Colorado child life specialist will stay with your child the whole time.
  4. Interventional radiology: The Interventional Radiology room is where the PICC will be placed. Once the procedure is done, we will come and get you so you can join your child.