Children's Hospital Colorado

What's Possible at Children's Hospital Colorado

2019: 'New Constellations'

As children, we learn the shapes of the stars and we learn more than their positions and their names. We learn a different way of seeing. A scatter of points becomes a picture, and that picture becomes a guide.

The work in this book is far from complete. And just as it reaches upward and forward, like the years and years of work it builds on, it lays a foundation: for the future of our field, and of our patients’ lives.

2018: 'The Culture of Different'

Our practitioners devote their lives to researching, pushing and perfecting their specialties in pediatrics. But it's not what they do alone that really counts. It's what they do as a team.

The integrated approach at Children’s Colorado ensures that the solution to a complex case is no further away than a colleague at the adjacent desk or in the next room. Read how our clinicians work together and across specialties to continually improve patient care and outcomes.

2017: 'Here, It's Different'

At Children's Hospital Colorado, research is the act of hope. Here, we believe our commitment to the best possible care for the children who need it compels us to do better, drive harder, and set standards higher toward a simple pursuit: the eradication of childhood disease.

Here, our physicians, researchers, nurses, scientists, and many others push us closer to that goal each day. Their stories — of the work they do and of the young lives that work transforms — are fascinating, inspiring, harrowing, uplifting and far too many to count.

2016: 'What Would Happen'

We set out to reimagine child health, because what child health can become in the future, the promise it holds for our patients, even those not yet born, depends on the work we do today.

These stories represent that work — of courage and creativity, of profound empathy and astonishing scientific achievement. They're stories of innovation, of collaboration between researchers, clinicians, and scientists. They're stories of creative approaches to pressing challenges, and of the courageous children who drove them forward.