Preparatory to Research Request Form

Preparatory to Research requests imply that you are attempting to determine the feasibility of embarking on a research project.  For example: such requests can be to determine if there are adequate numbers of patients meeting your entry criteria to warrant proceeding OR determining if the EMR records meeting those criteria contain the data items necessary for analysis.  This is NOT a request for approval to actually pursue that research or to obtain data for further analysis.  This type of request will require COMIRB approval. If you have questions, please feel free to email Dr. Jerry Clayton at you have questions as to whether your project is research or actually a Quality Assurance/Program Evaluation project please see the ORRQIRP Decision Tree and QA Program Evalucation Research Tool available by clicking on this link for clarification.

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Please describe your data needs and how these data will be used to determine the feasibility of your research project. This is not to request for permission to actually do the work yet (see description above). You may also upload a document describing this below.